Understanding blockchain technology is of vital importance when it comes to being able to see the full potential of Blockchain Boutique This ingenious invention of the 21st century goes beyond the very popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lightcoin.

Blockchain essentially allows digital information to be distributed over a network without it being copied. It is this huge ledger of data distributed across all the computers on the network, simultaneously updating in all of the places whenever any of the changes take place.

This means that all changes are transparent and that all records are public and easily verifiable. What’s more important, all these changes and updates take place in real-time and in very short time intervals. What team being did is make influencer marketing on blockchain possible. Just by utilizing what this cutting-edge technology has to offer, has created new opportunities for content creators to monetize their creative content and audiences.

Smart Contracts – Payments Without Limits

Payments processes in the traditional influencer marketing are too complicated and take too long to complete. In some instances, the influencer or content creator has to wait for weeks, sometimes even months, before everything is settled and the money transfer is complete. Not to mention the issues that come with different currencies. As you may already know, brands typically make payments in their own country’s fiat currency, while the content creators and influencers only accept payments in their country’s currency. Thanks to the Blockchain, Blockchain Boutique comes with a complete traditional payment process workaround. With smart contracts, payments take as much as several minutes now. Blockchain tech really helps influencers monetize their content and audience.

As a matter of fact, payments are automatically released and sent once the content has been approved. Cryptocurrency is there to make the payments possible across borders and with virtually no limits whatsoever. Blockchain Boutique is a team of blockchain enthusiasts helping our clients with their community-based cryptocurrency. We feel it is our responsibility to take care in the development end in terms of fixing bugs and ensure that our clients’ promise to the community’s well-being is achieved.

Until now influencer marketing was only affected by the changes coming from social media platforms and new trends in digital marketing. Not that long ago, there is a new factor in play – Blockchain Boutique.


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