Coalesce of Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain

Blockchain is considered to be one of the emerging technologies that has the potential to disrupt every industry available currently. The decentralised system of the Blockchain technology is contrary to the centralised system in use nowadays. Similarly Artificial intelligence is taking up over humans these days. Even the homes have become smarter than humans, cars can drive themselves so we can say that Artificial intelligence has come a long way since it was just an idea. Linking the two emerging and big technologies can be a turning point for the upcoming era as blockchain has a secure distributed immutable database.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term for the various subsets of technological advancement being recorded in fields which are concerned with machines being able to act more independently and efficiently.


Why Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence?

To answer this question the best way is to count all the advantages that a blockchain has and how do they relate to artificial intelligence. To name a few:
Cost Reduction.

  • Increased speed.
  • Increased Security.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Reduced fraud.

The advancement of AI technology hinges on the availability of data from a myriad of sources. Even though many companies like Google, Facebook and many more have access to large sources of data which can prove useful for lots of AI processes, these data are not accessible in the market.

Blockchain aims to tackle that issue by introducing the concept of peer-to-peer connection. Since it is an open distributed system, the data becomes open and accessible to everyone on the network. The existing data oligopoly comes to an end and an era of open and free data is ushered in.

Artificial intelligence requires a large scale data management which is possible with blockchain technology as it is a decentralised system storing tons of data with less susceptibility of data towards corruption by elimination of hacking.

One underlying principle of computer systems is GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out), wherein AI works on large streams of data. Some individuals or corporations intentionally tamper with the data so, in that case creating segments of verified databases, models can be successfully built and implemented upon only datasets which have been verified. This will detect any faults or irregularity and reduces the stress of troubleshooting.

Another very important aspect of integrating blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence is the control over the usage of data and models.Like when you log into Facebook and Twitter, you relinquish the rights to any content you upload onto their platform. The same concept can be applied to AI data and models. When a data has been created for the purpose of model building, licenses which cause restriction or permission can be specified by you. Blockchain technology then makes the process of doing this relatively easier.

To know more about the advantages of merging blockchain with artificial intelligence the basic things are proper guidance and complete knowledge about the details of the two and to get that knowledge its important to choose the right source. Blockchain Boutique is the right place for any kind of detailed description and services that relate blockchain with several other aspects of technology.



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