Blend of Blockchain with IoT (Internet of Things)


Blockchain is one technology that has been gaining enormous attention in areas beyond its cryptocurrency roots. Getting associated with several fields like security, finance and logistics IoT is now moving ahead to mingle with IOT (Internet of Things). Internet of Things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data. The definition of Internet of Things has evolved due to convergence of multiple technologies. Despite of the hype and vast amount of resource in IoT’s growth has largely gone unchecked. …

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kyc blockchain

Blockchain is no rocket science but a decentralized technology that is making record keeping transparent and easily accessible for every sector possible. It is an immutable distributed ledger shared in the public domain. Every participant interacts using a public-private cryptographic key combination, due to these cryptographic keys the details of the transaction remains private. However the block is added to a public ledger. In this corrupt world it is necessary to gather complete information about your employees and people working under you. KYC is the tool specially designed for this purpose it is abbreviated for “Know Your Customer” though the …

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Security Token Offering(STO): A Precision to ICO

security token

Securities are assets that have an expectation of growth in value over time. They include real-estate, stocks, company equity, collectables and more. These are different from the utility tokens and are used for the operation of Blockchain network but not for investment.Today, most blockchain-based tokens are supposedly utility tokens. This is how they’re currently able to circumvent most SEC regulations and raise millions of dollars through ICOs.The SEC(Security and Exchange Commission) recently said they consider nearly all existing tokens to be security, not utility tokens. This means many existing tokens will need to either shut down or restructure. Security token …

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Coalesce of Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain

Blockchain is considered to be one of the emerging technologies that has the potential to disrupt every industry available currently. The decentralised system of the Blockchain technology is contrary to the centralised system in use nowadays. Similarly Artificial intelligence is taking up over humans these days. Even the homes have become smarter than humans, cars can drive themselves so we can say that Artificial intelligence has come a long way since it was just an idea. Linking the two emerging and big technologies can be a turning point for the upcoming era as blockchain has a secure distributed immutable database. …

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Past certain decades have witnessed a drastic change in technology. Whether it is in the field of science or electronics or any other field technology has made life of people really easy, to name a few they are smart phones, smart apps and even smart toilets and much more. We talk about smart cities which is another concept altogether on the rise.A smart city is a city equipped with basic infrastructure providing a decent lifestyle, a clean and sustainable environment. Basic infrastructure refers in terms of assured water and electricity supply, proper waste management, efficient mobility with public transportation facility …

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As Blockchain is the most important and emerging technology at this junction. It has many advantages for several sectors including the healthcare systems since the healthcare bodies will remain in the list of the most eminent bodies. Blockchain is considered to be an “Answer to interoperability” and also “Write once read only record”. As the health care departments need to manage large and confidential records they need certain tweaks in their management system and Blockchain can be a boon for this case. Blockchain will prove to be revolutionary for healthcare because it has no central administrator (explaining this it means …

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Is Blockchain the future of food stored in supermarkets? Today’s market being extremely competitive, more and more retailers are hoping to boost their numbers by offering a smooth shopping experience and automating their back-end operations. Old-line mega chains, e-commerce giants and technology start-ups are working on minimizing the possibility that the customers will procrastinate, forget about the need to make the purchase, go elsewhere or refuse to shop due to poor quality food and services. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, consumers will be able to buy everyday products at lower prices direct from manufacturers. Blockchain technology can, therefore, …

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Understanding blockchain technology is of vital importance when it comes to being able to see the full potential of Blockchain Boutique This ingenious invention of the 21st century goes beyond the very popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lightcoin. Blockchain essentially allows digital information to be distributed over a network without it being copied. It is this huge ledger of data distributed across all the computers on the network, simultaneously updating in all of the places whenever any of the changes take place. This means that all changes are transparent and that all records are public and easily verifiable. …

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